Brothers In Fur Tannery

 Offering a soft garment tan and fur products to help bring your love of the outdoors indoors. 
  1. Managing Director
    We also offer products made out of Fur including hats and pouches and change purses.
  2. Managing Director
    Here is a deer hide that we soft garment tanned. We offer Tanning for raccoons, deer, coyotes and all other types and sizes of animals.
  3. Managing Director
    We supply a soft garment tan for many uses.
  4. Managing Director
    Your tannery for all animals and purposes.
Hours of Operation
Monday - Sunday 9:00am-8:00pm
Important Information
All Fur is Tanned at Owners Risk. We are not responsible for any damage of any kind to your Fur. If you send rotten or slipped hide(s) to tan you wil receive the same hide in return at the full Cost. Order Form must be filled out and sent with fur or we will not process fur until it is received.